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5 months ago

PLAYLIST: Stories From The World Of Music (Season 2 Trailer)

Hello again Story Forward listeners and followers! Season 2 of our pivoted podcast is upon us, and here is what we have for you: Hosts Larry Rosen and Christian Winn bring you a 12-week season of stories all about the many-faceted, wild, complex, life-changing, far-reaching world of music. 

It's PLAYLIST: A season of stories from the likes of poets and punk rockers, the sweetest rock n' roll couples and renaissance men, Beyonce aficionados and legendary sound engineers, super fans , community radio stalwarts, rock school founders, at _least _one very secret special guest, and so much more. Narrative interviews, Correspondent tales, and plenty of banter and side story earworms to boot. Let's go to 11!

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