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9 months ago

Anthony Doerr, Cloud Cuckoo Land, and The Unexpected Summer Read

This week Larry and Christian loop back to the nagging question of what exactly constitutes a summer read. They give a few of their own takes, but more importantly have a sit down with Pulitzer Prize winning author and all around amazing human, Anthony Doerr. We're going big time on you! Anthony gets into his soon to be released novel, Cloud Cuckoo Land, where the title came from, the intricacies of process and scope he embraced as he wrote this 600-page beauty, and his thoughts, as a writer and reader, on what makes a summer read a summer read.

Anthony was so great we've skipped the Correspondent this week and just stuck with the man. The Correspondents triple up next week though. Enjoy!

Cloud Cuckoo Land is released on 9/28 right as summer winds down and we head into fall.

You can pre-order your copy today if you go to, or to your favorite indie bookseller!

Be safe, smart, and well out there. And remember, keep moving the story forward!

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