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4 months ago

Behind the Sound and the Scene w/ David Barbe & Correspondent Kevin Mazzarelli

This week Christian and Larry hop on a call with Athens, GA luminary and legend, David Barbe. Long a fixture in the Athens music scene as an artist, writer, sound engineer, and Director of the Music Business Certificate Program at the University of Georgia, Barbe gets into making his way into the Athens music scene in the early 80's, playing with Bob Mould's Sugar, producing and recording the likes of The Driveby Truckers, REM, Cracker, Bright Eyes and more! Great storytelling and fascinating backstory.

As well, we bring on Correspondent Kevin Mazzarelli of Duck Club, Treefort, CBGB (among so many other spots) fame! Kevin brings us stories of a life behind the sound artistry and in the industry. SO good! Enjoy.

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