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4 months ago

For Music & Love w/ Smokey Brights & Correspondents Erica and Cody Cornwall

Season 2 kicks off w/ Larry and bringing Kim West and Ryan Devlin, the married couple who formed and front Smokey Brights, one of Seattle's very best/kindest/most talented emerging indie rock bands into the Zoom studio. They get into where and how Kim and Ryan met and started playing songs together, the forming of a musical and life partnership, and just how it is to blend art and love. We do also dig into how much rockin' joy and heart Smokey Brights bring to the stage and the studio every time they show up!

On top of that we have a stitched together pair of amazing Correspondent stories from Erica Deshner Corwall and her husband Cody Cornwall whose relationship took root at a rock club in Boise, Idaho some years ago when, among many other antics and wonders, Henry Rollins came to town. SO fun, funny, and sweet! Who knew Henry Rollins was a matchmaker...of a sort? Enjoy!

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